Monday, 29 July 2013

Angels and parties

What a wonderful weekend it's been, a mix of work and play. Saturday morning was spent continuing to work on my Christmas ideas. At the moment I am still thinking about children dressing up and school plays.
If they can't be Mary most little girls want to be angels! Having watched many school plays I know that the children often look around, pick their noses, giggle together and wave at their parents. I remember watching a friends little boy as a shepherd and as the play went on his tea towel slipped further and further over his face. By the end of the play he couldn't be seen! I want to bring this out in my Christmas illustrations.

The afternoon bought a wonderful treat of Helen of Bustle & Sew's garden party. Lionel was invited too and the four of us (my dad, Clive, myself and Lionel) had a great time. Lot's of lovely people, some old friends and some new plus a table groaning with delicious food. Thank you Helen, here's to the next one.

After a lazy start on Sunday and a walk in the sunshine to the estuary we drove my dad and my mother in law to Dartmouth. Whilst wondering along the front we saw a paddle steamer along side all the other boats.

I do love Dartmouth although this time of year it is very busy. One of the nicest things to do is take the small boat out to the castle and enjoy the best cream tea I've ever had in the castle tea rooms, well behaved dogs welcome too.

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