Thursday, 25 July 2013

Today I can draw!

Yesterday was a non drawing day, I find I have them every now and again. For some reason I don't have the inspiration and everything I do goes pear shaped. I wonder if there are other illustrators and crafts people who have the same. The best thing to do on a day like that is get out in the garden or take the dog for a lovely walk.

I happen to be very lucky and live in a small Devonshire village near the sea. Nothing gets me motivated more than taking my 'whipplington' Lionel out for a good walk, or run in his case. I just wish I had his energy.

Today, however, having got my daughter packed for her trip with friends to Sweden I was able to draw again. The Royal baby has been in the minds of many so I took my inspiration from the little chap.

I hope he is a good baby for his parents, one that sleeps would be handy, I remember all those night time feeds. A long time ago now but I certainly remember that feeling of absolute tiredness wishing the baby was as tired as you.
Off to enjoy what remains of the sunshine today.

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