Friday, 26 July 2013

'Daisyfied' dogs and Christmas in July

Lovely evening with Clive, my sister and brother in law and my dad eating Moroccan food and watching a film. At least once a month we get together for film night and this week we watched 'vertigo' and I cook a vegetarian tagine which much to my surprise tasted good.

This morning I met with Helen of bustle & sew for a business chat over a cup of tea in her garden while the dogs played. They get on so well although these days Ben spend his time asleep in the shade whilst the other two go mad in the garden.

Lionel was well and truly 'Daisyfied' and has been asleep all afternoon.

Although the sun is shining and the window's open because it is so hot I am thinking Christmas. Just initial ideas and drawings at the moment. I love the idea of small children dressing up for the school Christmas production or Christmas fancy dress parties.

I spent many years making costumes, normally at short notice, for my children. I have done Christmas stars, Greek goddesses, The monkey from Aladdin and more recently Cheshire cats and the rock band Kiss! Even when they are 19 and 21 they still dress up! 

I will be back with more Christmas ideas soon.

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