Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gardens and seed collecting

Although just an amateur I am a keen gardener, like my mother and grandmother before. We had different ideas in the garden, mum would dig up the bluebells to throw away and I would take plant them in my garden. I like wild flowers and my front garden hopefully looks like a wild flower meadow.

My grandmother on the other hand liked to grow geraniums out of the bottom of old bottles, if ever I see them it reminds me of her. They were always red and would hang in the small lean too conservatory she had on the back of her cottage.
As a gardener I also like to save money, I take cuttings, split plants and I also like to save seeds which is why the latest item on my etsy shop is a selection of six seed collection envelopes. They are all downloadable and can be printed again and again to be used year after year.
If you like them please visit my shop on where you will also find my gardener's cards and gardeners scrap-booking kit. I am also particularly fond of the large pink poppy's I have in my back garden and I shall be collecting the seeds from them to plant some in the front next year.

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