Friday, 21 June 2013

Luminous vests and ballet dancers

I stood on the side of the the road  this morning with five chaps, two in luminous vests, watching the traffic speed past and thought to myself, "I'm glad I'm not wearing one of those luminous vests!"  I was even gladder later as my friend Helen drove past waving madly and laughing her socks off at our strange little group. Later I was able to tell her, over fresh cherries, fruit scones and tea, that we'd been monitoring traffic speeds through our village and she'd better watch out if she didn't want a speeding ticket!

Helen and I often have lunch on Fridays and talk about our business ventures together.  Helen is the inspiration behind stitching site Bustle & Sew and I've just opened my own shop on Etsy - Flapdoodledesigns where I sell digital downloads of my original watercolour designs.  This is a very new venture for me and I've been busily stocking my shop - this week I added my Little Ballerinas and Super Hero cards and scrap-booking kits.

Purchased art work will not be watermarked

That's the little ballerina's above, the little blonde one is my daughter Harry.  She is all grown up now at university in Warwick studying English Literature. She still enjoy's her dancing but it's a long time since she wore a pink tu too (hope she's not reading this!) 

These days the baby of the family is our small stripy whippet/ bedlington cross called Lionel

More about him another time off to work on my new project, little prince and princess cards ready for the birth of Kate and Williams baby.

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