Sunday, 23 June 2013

Burgh Island and delicious lunch

Standing on the beach looking across to burgh Island whilst the wind blows sand in my eyes and my ears tingle with the this really summer? After a lovely lunch with Clive, his mum, my dad, Charlie and Lionel in the award winning pub the Rose and Crown in we headed for the beach. Burgh Island, the inspiration for Agatha Christies 'ten little Indians' was the chosen venue. The tide was coming in so we were lucky to see the sea tractor cross from Bigbury across to the island.

It was lovely to take a break from working to spend some time with the family. I have been particularly busy over the last couple of days working on my 'abc' collection. I have designed 5 downloadable cards and a craft kit for scrap-booking and card making using water colour illustrations.

The above shows A to N, hope you like them and visit my shop 
to see the rest of the alphabet. The inspiration came from memories of having to make fancy dress costumes at short notice for my children when they were younger. They had the wonderful habit of telling me it was dressing up day the day before the event, it's amazing what you can put together in a panic even when you are not a stitcher. In a strange way I miss those days.


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